9 minutes Meditation for Physical Health and Mental Clarity
“Every disability is imagined. Every achievement is an experience”~ Yogi Bhajan

About The Class

Renew your energy and balance your elements in just 9 minutes!

These powerful meditation sets can change anybody’s life! The busy person who has little time, you need only invest nine minutes a day to become young, fresh and new. In 9 minutes, you can renew your energy centers, bring the elements into balance, control your breath, organize yourself and be smart.

You will learn techniques to help you:
  • Build health and mental clarity
  • Techniques to fight fatigue
  • Strengthen your intuition and creativity
  • Experience the effects which no herbs, no healing can equal

  • Fight stress, enhance ability to cope with life challenges
  • Renew your energy, look youthful, beautiful and bring elements into balance
  • Enhance intuition, increase creativity and experience your physical wisdom
  • Awaken the full potential of your awareness and help you enjoy life in ways you might not have even imagined!