Corporate Yoga
Reduce the stress in the body and train the mind to response with clarity and calmness

Types of Corporate Yoga Programs
Yoga for Vitality and Wellness

Yoga for Vitality and Wellness helps to improve blood circulation, boost and strengthen the immune system. There will be exercises and breathing techniques to energize and rejuvenate the body. It helps to reset the health and vitality of body and mind and enhance the body’s natural ability to cleanse and renew

Yoga for Beginners

This yoga class for beginners is a gentle yoga class. Basic and simple yoga poses are taught in a slower pace manner including simple breathing techniques

Restorative Yoga for Relaxation

Restorative and meditative yoga helps to promote relaxation physically and mentally. It focus on breathing and gentle deep stretching exercises on the body muscles that are very tense such as the shoulders, neck, back and hips.

Benefits of Corporate Yoga
  • Improve overall productivity, health, happiness of employees
  • Improve communication and employee relationship
  • Increase concentration, clarity and alertness
  • Increase creativity individually and within the team
  • Increase motivation and teamwork

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