Energy Balance (Chakra) Meditation
“If you cannot find balance in your existence, nothing in your life will ever have any meaning to you”~ Yogi Bhajan

About The Class

You get to experience a guided powerful meditation that is directed at the  subconscious mind clearing away unwanted energies, amplifying existing positive energies and bringing in new rejuvenating and strengthening energies. The meditation will be complimented with the gentle flow of soft music with singing bowls and soft gongs that influence the brain waves in a positive and balance way, it calms the nervous system, promote deep relaxation with subtle and profound healing effects.
Benefits of Chakra Meditation :
  • Release trauma, negative emotions, unprocessed thoughts or memories, and fears from the subconscious mind.
  • Release energy configurations that create blockages and the inability to relate to the real life and perceive things, events and people clearly.
  • Release feelings of being stuck and held back, thereby improve the quality of our outlook and well-being.
  • Alignment of the energy field, resolved inner conflicts andpromote a state of inner harmony and balance.