Just Breathe Meditation
“Learning to meditate will attract all that you are longing to understand.”~ Yogi Bhajan

About The Class

“You are not going to get life without putting life into it”

Learn the simplest and most powerful breathing techniques for the body to heal and sustain itself.

You Will Learn the art of breathing for:
  • Promoting Health & Vitality
  • Controlling the moods
  • Developing concentration
  • Promote feeling of connectedness

Benefits of Breathing Meditation

  • Relax and calm the nervous system, reduce anxiety and stress
  • Provide capacity to manage negative emotions, clarity and patience
  • Reduce toxins, cleanse the blood, energize and increase vitality
  • Enhance intuition, develop concentration and bring new level of alertness
  • Release energy blockages, improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure
  • Speed up emotional and physical healing
  • Aid in breaking subconscious habits & patterns such as insecurities