Meditation to Destress, Balance and Strengthen
“Learning to meditate will attract all that you are longing to understand.”~ Yogi Bhajan

About The Class

Learn how to destressify to feel better faster
3 steps meditation that will transform and benefit you for the rest of your life

You Will Learn:
  • Meditation techniques to eliminate stress
  • Techniques to stimulate and balance the glandular system and improve the chemistry of the blood to strengthen your ability to handle stress more effectively
  • Techniques to bring all energy centers into balance
  • Powerful techniques to strengthen and balance the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system

Benefits :

  • Reduce worry, anxiety and impulsivity
  • Reduce stress, fear, loneliness and depression
  • Enhance self esteem & self acceptance
  • Improve resilience against pain and adversity
  • Increase optimism, relaxation and awareness
  • Improves mood and emotional intelligence
  • Prevent emotional eating and addictions
  • Helps develop positive social connections