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Sharing my experience after attending the Just Breathe meditation few weeks back. I have been having stiff neck and constant pain at two meridian points at the base of the head for months and have been seeking chiropractic treatment and rubbing cream on the neck. But there was only slight improvement. The day after attending the breathing meditation, my stiff neck loosened a bit and the nagging pain disappeared. Realising the benefits of the meditation, I continued practicing the breathing meditation on my own, usually on the bus travelling to work till today, and it works wonders! Not only did the neck pain disappeared, it never recur till today. Moreover, bowel movements improved greatly, deep sleep every night without waking up in the middle of the night, feels more energetic during the day and better concentration. I also kept yawning and there was some tearing in my eyes during the meditation which Shirley told me is the body detoxing. Thank you Shirley for introducing such an easy and effective meditation to boost our physical and mental well-being.

Ling Ling, Admin Executive

““I first found out about Kundalini Yoga last October and took my first class with Shirley. Wow, it was quite an experience!! I remembered feeling down and confused before I attended the class. However, I felt uplifted after one class! Since then I have been attending classes every week! The difference in my life has been indescribable, both on a spiritual and emotional aspect. My friends and colleagues have noticed a difference in me. Shirley has been a great teacher as she explains the purpose of every class and she is willing to answer all our questions and imparts her knowledge to us with love and patience. I encourage anyone who is interested inembarking on a self discovery journey to join Kundalini Yoga. It will be a fulfilling and beautiful journey!” ”

Esther, Valuation Manager, Singapore

“After attending a few sessions of the Energy Healing & Balance(Chakra) meditation, I have seen a transformation in myself and I feel that I am now able to manage stress and tackle work/personal challenges more effectively.  My initial objective of attending this meditation was to be more calm and at peace, not expecting too much from the clearing and healing part.  However after every session, I have a clearer mind and become more positive emotionally and mentally.  Thank you Shirley for introducing this great meditation!”

Wang SC, Marketing Executive, Singapore

“The crystal meditation course was an awakening experience for me. During the meditation I saw my chakras. This gave me insights on what strengths to celebrate and habits to change to become more balanced. I have been practising crystal meditation just the way you taught it. Delightfully, I have experienced crystal vibrations. Your method works! You are a gifted, compassionate and focused teacher. I thank you for sharing, guiding, and being loving.”

Serene, VP Finance, Singapore

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]“The EFT workshop with Shirley was a great eye opener. Even though I had previous experiences with EFT through various online resources, Shirley was able to provide more in-depth information and explanation to cater to my needs. During the workshop, I learned how to use EFT to help work through some challenging issues and physical pain. I was really amazed with the immediate results in some instances. It also helped immensely that Shirley was patient, detailed and structured during the entire workshop, which made me felt comfortable and supported. I am now incorporating the EFT method in my daily life and I am really grateful to Shirley for her guidance and sharing.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Shirley, Yoga Teacher, Singapore