Crystal Healing Meditation

Meditation is extremely beneficial for every part of our being—our mind, our body and our spirit. It helps us to relax, clears our mind and releases negative energy and unwanted thoughts. Using crystals for meditation is a powerful tool to deepen your meditation, as well as achieve a specific outcome during your meditation. On a spiritual level, meditating with crystals can help to raise your consciousness and awareness, deepening your intuition and bringing insight.
Crystals are one of the tools to help you start and maintain your meditation practice, connect with a specific intention or goal and move into deeper states of meditation.

Introducing Energy Centres (Chakras)

Chakras are the energy centers of the body. The most important features of your energy body are the seven main energy centres aligned vertically along the central energy channel. Each energy centre regulates an aspect of your life – your physical survival, sexuality, ambition and drive, feelings of compassion and love, ability to communicate, imagination and spirituality. Learning to assess and regulate the flow of energy through these centers helps give you balance and harmony.

Heal & Balance your Energy Centers with Crystals

One of the best ways to heal your energy centers is with crystals. Crystals are superb energy transmitters. Whether you wear them as jewellery, carry them in your pocket, use them to decorate your home or office, or use them to meditate, they work powerfully to open your energy pathways, dissolves blockages and balance your energy.
The connection between a particular crystal and an energy center is based on the colour of the crystal and on its vibration or subtle electromagnetic field. Generally crystals with a lower vibration heal conditions related to the lower energy centers while crystals with a higher vibration work best on condition associated with the upper energy centers.
During the workshop you will learn to use different crystals for healing each energy centers and use the healing tips suggested to inspire your own crystal healing therapies.

How can Crystal Healing Meditation help me?

 For deep relaxation and sleep – 

Many people experience sleeplessness, unable to fall asleep at the end of a day. Sometimes our minds and bodies are still active at a time when sleep is necessary for physical repair and mental restoration. If your focus is on reworking the day’s problems and failures, you can be overstressed to the point where relaxation is impossible. Where there is a mental restlessness, some activity may be incomplete from that day or even the previous day. Perhaps some words were not spoken that still need to be uttered. Perhaps there is some emotion that still needs to be expressed. Sometimes there is doubt that the next day will bring change and relief from the tension. The mind is in a chronic state of vigilance and anxiety. And, there can be a fear of letting go, feeling that every day must be tidied up and complete before earning your rest. The underlying issues to insomnia, the inability to sleep, are related to trust and control.

When there is fear, there is an inability to trust life.When there is intense control, there is not enough self-motivation to let go to life and its natural rythyms. The body then responds to a false sense of the need for survival generated from negative, restrictive thoughts and emotions. The body can become tense, stiff and defensive.
A rigid body cannot respond to ordinary triggers to disengage from the day’s battlefield to encounter the night’s slumberfield. There may be physical pain, headaches, muscles cramping and digestive problems. As negative sleep patterns begin to repeat, it becomes more difficult to correct to a positive pattern without intervention.
Issues of trust and control correlate to the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. To achieve some headway with chronic insomnia, there are two approaches. During the workshop, you will learn meditation techniques to clear the mind of obstructions to mental peace and to relax the body by clearing obstructions to physical peace.

 To Cleanse Energy Centers – 

Chakras are energy centers located in the human body. Each individual chakra corresponds to organs and glands in a particular area of the body. It is believed that they are the store holders of your emotional experiences. These centers can become clogged or sluggish with the stress and drama of everyday life. If a center becomes stuck with “junk” your emotional, mental, and physical well-being will start to suffer. Think of chakras as rechargeable batteries. If you continuously recharge them they will function well, but if you let them run out of “juice” they will not function and will take a much longer time to recharge.

 For Meditation and Self Healing – 

Crystals are seen as a powerful meditation tool. They can be held or used as a focus object in order to assist in obtaining a deep meditative state, clear the mind, maintain concentration, calm the body or to absorb their powerful healing properties.
Crystals can be used to clear, balance and energise each of the seven main chakra points — where all of the vital energy flows. Specific crystals can be placed on or around these points on the body to open or heal the energy centers.

What will I be learning?
  • About energy centres and their connection to major aspects of your life
  • Meditation technique to awaken your energy body
  • How to use crystals for healing and balancing the energy centres
  • How to cleanse, charge and program your crystals
  • Guided Healing Meditation with crystals
Date :21 April 2018 (Saturday)

Time : 1 to 5 pm

Course fees : $125 (Include a set of 7 Chakra Crystals worth $28)