Energy Clearing and Healing
Protect and enhance your energetic health with Energy Clearing and Healing Workshop

“Total harmonious relaxation cures the body. To achieve this there must be coordination between the three facets of ourselves: body, mind and spirit”

About Energy Clearing and Healing Workshop

Cleanse, protect your subtle bodies and strengthen your energetic boundaries for improved health, happiness and mental clarity.
Just as you can catch another persons’ cold, you can also “catch” their bad mood, anxieties and negative emotions. Protect your energy immune system with a complete self-care system of energy practices and techniques.

Energy Clearing Workshop – 2 day Course
Date : 9-10 Sept 2017 (2 day workshop)
Time : 2 to 5 pm (Sat) 10 to 5 pm (Sun)
Course Fees: S$330 (Early bird S$300 before 31 August 2017)

You Will Learn:
  • Methods for scanning your subtle body to diagnose specific problems and imbalances
  • Techniques for creating healthy energetic boundaries to keep out negative influences and open to positive energies that nourishes you
  • Learn daily practices to invigorate yourself and cleanse your energy field
  • Meditation for clearing internal blockages and enhance your positive energies
How can Energy Clearing and Healing help me?
  • Better understand the reasons for your problems and predicaments
  • Recognize your unhealthy patterns and why you hold them
  • Clear the negative beliefs and influences keeping you stuck
  • Attract healthier relationship and friends and create healthy boundaries
  • Heal old wounds and move into joy